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Leonard Kratz (Scratch) was born near Frankfort-am-Main in Germany in 1756. He joined the Hessian soldiers hired by England and came to America in 1776 to fight Revolutionists. When the Hessians surrendered they were offered free passage across the Atlantic or they could remain as Loyalists and receive land grants.

In 1779 and 1780 many settlers left Virginia to take up free land in Kentucky. Leonard Kratz with the Munger and Tofflemire families moved to a location near Cincinnati. In a British and Indian raid in 1780 at Ruddell's Station all whites were taken as prisoners. Leonard was separated from his wife, Mary Munger, but they were re-united when ransomed in Detroit by American commander General Coombs. In the spring of 1781 the Kratzes settled on Hog Island, now Belle Isle. Hog Island and Grosse Isle, opposite Amherstburg, were set apart for refugees.

Leonard Kratz received Lot 9, Western District of Gosfield, 10 September 1790, and later Lot 2 E.D. totalling 400 acres on the banks of Lake Erie. His name is listed as receiving Lot 12 although no further record of settlement on Lot 12 is indicated.

In 1792 Leonard Kratz was able to settle at Gosfield and become a British citizen. He died 12 August 1829.

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